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Imogen Belfield, Trendsetter – it’s official!

Professional Jeweller announces Hot100 2014

Well, we have so many reasons to celebrate  this Autumn here at Flux!

Hot on the heels of Alex Yule’s triumphant Gold award we have

Imogen Belfield, one of our many beloved Flux Studios alumni, has been distinguished by Professional Jeweller as the UK’s 2014 Trendsetter

Imogen Belfield, PJ Hot100 Trendsetter 2014

Of course we have been watching Imogen’s meteoric rise with excitement, and this is no big news to us! :)

It’s fantastic to see that so many of our Flux members have been recognised by Professional Jeweller in the last years;  Becky Dockree hit the top 100 list in 2013,  and  Kyle Hopkins in 2012.

Why not pop along to meet our current Flux Studios members? They’re all heading for the stars!

The Flux effect with Imogen Belfield

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Jewellery delights at Flux Winter Open Studios 2013

Welcome to Flux Studios Winter Exhibition.
Welcome to Flux Studios










We have learned to get the camera out early in the day if we want to show how our studio is transformed from tooled-up workshop to beautiful jewellery gallery










We’re delighted to have the opportunity to talk about our work;  when visitors ask to try a piece on our jewellery comes alive.











As the light fades our studio/gallery takes on a magical glow…









The promise of our inspired, original, beautifully hand-crafted jewellery, and the aroma of mulled wine draws people through our doors

Flux Studios jewellery exhibition, Winter Open Studios at Vanguard Court











If you haven’t yet made it down here, there’s still Sunday 1 December… We’re open 11am – 5pm, and we’d love to see you

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Best things to do in London – Kazoova

How would you rate your happiness quotient?

Do you ever feel that life is too predictable? Are your weekends and evenings slipping by without distinction as you roll from work to home in an unending cycle of familiarity? Do you dream of a life more exciting and fulfilled?

It’s commonly known that even the smallest changes in routine can inject a whole new dynamism to your waking hours; even a walk in the park raises happiness levels and can stimulate fresh perspective.

But this is London, and park-walking is just the gentlest dip in the waters of the happiness well that our great city has to offer! Behind the grey facades of London streets there exists a vibrant counter culture that seeks to awaken our jaded spirits.

Did you know that you can forage for fungi, and enjoy the feast of your labours, right here on your doorstep? Or that you can learn to fly fish in beautiful countryside, without leaving our city? Would you like to make your very own high heels, or would you rather play Zombies over the weekend? Have you ever tried etching?

We have just discovered Kazoova – at least they have just discovered Flux Studios – and we are mutually very excited!

Kazoova is on a mission to brighten up your world. They seek out the very best experiences that London has to offer, presenting their gem -finds in an easy to use online platform for this city’s great adventurers  to explore and enjoy.

With their accent on quirkiness and quality of experience, this community marketplace stands out as more than just a listings site. Here you are guaranteed to find the  very best events, carefully hand selected by the discerning Kazoova team. Connecting audience with passionate activity organisers, Kazoova has created a shared space to the switched on London community .

It’s refreshing to find such a team who choose to promote quality over quantity, and who recognise the passion with which so many skilled individuals seek to share their knowledge and expertise.

So if you are stuck for a really inspiring Christmas gift for you friends and loved ones, why not book a Christmas Zombie bonanza!

(Or a fabulously inspiring jewellery weekend at Flux :) )

Check out Kazoova’s offerings here

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Sparkling Jewellery for Christmas – Flux Open Studios 2013

Oh I do love our winter open studio exhibition! Our yard becomes a magical winter wonderland with all of the Vanguard Creatives hanging out, sharing a warming tipple and cheer with our lovely visitors… will you come down? We have some fantastic jewellery to show you – could be just the solution for your Christmas shopping dilemmas!
Wood, Ceramics, Sculpture, Silver, Painting, Hats, Glass and so much more tooJoin us at Flux Studios for some wine and cheer, and beautiful jewellery to solve your christmas gift dilemmas!

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London Jewellery School shows true colour with dirty marketing strategies and dubious ethics

It has come to our attention that the London Jewellery School has been running paid online advertising campaigns that have used our trading name Flux Studios in the heading of their adverts in an attempt to link our service and reputation with their own activities, for an unknown period of time.

The London Jewellery School has also been paying Google (and possibly other search engines) to use ‘flux studios’ as a keyword for their advertising campaigns.

Flux Studios has been the victim of an aggresive marketing campaign by London Jewellery School. This is a screen shot of the Google advert run by the London Jewellery School, showing that Ms Jessica Rose paid google to put our trading name Flux Studios as the leading title to her advert. The note to the right shows that Ms Rose has also paid for the use of 'Flux Studios' as a keyword search term.








This is a screen shot of the Google advert run by the London Jewellery School, showing that Ms Jessica Rose paid google to put our trading name Flux Studios as the leading title to her advert for her own jewellery school. The note to the right shows that Ms Rose has also paid for the use of ‘Flux Studios’ as a keyword search term. 

We have been made aware that people seeking to connect with Flux Studios through the internet have inadvertently connected w

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Cheap Tricks and Fool’s Gold – Investors broken by Tungsten in a gold wrap

When you’re looking to invest, it’s important to take the time to look for a reputable business whose ethics you can trust, whatever the kind investment you are aiming to make.
Here’s a cautionary tale from one unsuspecting gold investor in New York.

Beneath it’s thin veneer, this 10 oz  gold bar was filled with tungsten, a cheap metal with an almost identical weight to gold.
With gold having a value of roughly $1,800 per ounce, (making it a $18,000 investment) this bar has a disappointing true worth of $50. Not much of a return on that gamble then!

Reports have it that these fake gold bars have been flooding the market across Europe for some time. Are we surprised to hear the banks may be full of it??

I imagine those double dealers must be at the top of every  ’most wanted’  list across the globe  |˚!˚|

But in these ruthless times it is inevitable that opportunists will find ever more inventive ways to disunite the people from their spare cash..

Perhaps it’s time for the investing public to change their world view; choosing to invest in personal development, and in people, communities and local projects that share similar ethical values – this kind of intervention must surely bring great returns for all to enjoy.


(read more about that counterfeit gold here)

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