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Best things to do in London – Kazoova

How would you rate your happiness quotient?

Do you ever feel that life is too predictable? Are your weekends and evenings slipping by without distinction as you roll from work to home in an unending cycle of familiarity? Do you dream of a life more exciting and fulfilled?

It’s commonly known that even the smallest changes in routine can inject a whole new dynamism to your waking hours; even a walk in the park raises happiness levels and can stimulate fresh perspective.

But this is London, and park-walking is just the gentlest dip in the waters of the happiness well that our great city has to offer! Behind the grey facades of London streets there exists a vibrant counter culture that seeks to awaken our jaded spirits.

Did you know that you can forage for fungi, and enjoy the feast of your labours, right here on your doorstep? Or that you can learn to fly fish in beautiful countryside, without leaving our city? Would you like to make your very own high heels, or would you rather play Zombies over the weekend? Have you ever tried etching?

We have just discovered Kazoova – at least they have just discovered Flux Studios – and we are mutually very excited!

Kazoova is on a mission to brighten up your world. They seek out the very best experiences that London has to offer, presenting their gem -finds in an easy to use online platform for this city’s great adventurers  to explore and enjoy.

With their accent on quirkiness and quality of experience, this community marketplace stands out as more than just a listings site. Here you are guaranteed to find the  very best events, carefully hand selected by the discerning Kazoova team. Connecting audience with passionate activity organisers, Kazoova has created a shared space to the switched on London community .

It’s refreshing to find such a team who choose to promote quality over quantity, and who recognise the passion with which so many skilled individuals seek to share their knowledge and expertise.

So if you are stuck for a really inspiring Christmas gift for you friends and loved ones, why not book a Christmas Zombie bonanza!

(Or a fabulously inspiring jewellery weekend at Flux :) )

Check out Kazoova’s offerings here

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