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Casting processes in metal – tell us a story and win…

Have you ever come across Rory’s Story Cubes? you throw a handful of dice to produce a set of random images – your task is to weave a story

Here we have:

Abundant lady  -   Tree of life   –  Fish and Heart   –   Paisley yellow and blue   –   Lady with a think bubble   –   Peacock   –   Pirate queen   –   Lunch – or an angry lady?   - EarthFireWaterAir dancing goddess   –   Eye   –   Pear   –   Spare ribs

Or make your own interpretations from these fabulous results from our last (free) two day casting course here at Flux

sculptures and wearable pewter objects made using a variety of casting techniquesSend us your tale from the results of our casting course. The best story wins a free place on any one of our short courses coming up between now and August 2013 :-)



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