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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

London Jewellery Week 2011, Thursday: Flux, Theo Fennell, Louisa Guinness & Charles Fish

What: Flux Studios Open HouseWhere: Camberwell, SE5When: Morning – 9th June 2011
A wonderful way to start the day.  Visiting a working and teaching workshop in south London where anyone that wants to can learn how to make jewellery.The space inhabits 12 jewellery designer makers that run their businesses and manufacturing as well as teaching short courses that run throughout the year.  Today saw a small class designing and making a silver stone set pendant.  More information here to see for yourself the brilliant work they do.  Though I work in a workshop myself, it always amazes me how other people set up their space, arrange their bench and keep their tools. What can I say, workshop envy!  take a look




Pendant by Suzie Byatt

Thanks for showing me around Suzie and telling me what Flux Studio is about.

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Flux Studios is a unique jewellery studio and jewellery school in London. We provide jewellery classes and jewellery courses to the public. We provide an inclusive membership scheme for jewellers looking for a studio base to develop their business.