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About Flux Studios.

We're based in London and we've been running specialist jewellery centre in London since 2008. We provide opportunities for anyone wishing to explore, extend  or develop jewellery making skills. Flux Studios is home to our membership-based collective of professional jewellers who work together to share knowledge and skills, and to develop their independent jewellery businesses.

Our remit is a simple one – to provide a platform where expertise, enthusiasm and the open exchange of ideas combine to inspire creative genius!

We offer:

    • Membership access to our studio for jewellers wanting to develop their business. Flux Membership
    • Classes and courses in jewellery making in London, for all levels, throughout the year. Flux Jewellery School

In providing a home to both aspiring professionals and the interested public we have evolved a holistic creative studio environment where the individual skill sets of all our users are valued and shared to enrich this community as a whole.

Whether you are looking for new hobby or a professional jewellery environment, Flux offers a  fun and stimulating, creative and professional environment for you to flourish.

Flux Membership Scheme

Through the membership scheme the we provide a stepping-stone for any jeweller to start the business of making jewellery at an affordable price in a supported environment. This is suitable for anyone wanting to get on with the business of making jewellery.


16 roomy workbenches
Hot-work area; 4x Seivert (propane) torches – v large to v small flame
5x butane mini torches
Pickling and wet-work area
Ultrasonic tank
All basic hand tools – pegs /saws /files /measuring and marking tools /pliers /doming punches + blocks / vice / mandrels / drawplates / mallets / hammers / extensive selection of stakes etc etc.
Barrel and bench polishers
Ring stretcher
Rolling mills
2 Pillar drills
4 Pendant drills
Drawbench and drawplates
Relaxation area, tea/coffee
Standard office facilities
Great natural light
Computer (mac) with adobe creative suite, scanner and printers
Extensive selection of reference books relating to jewellery techniques and art /design


Flux Jewellery School.

We provide opportunities for anyone wishing to explore and develop jewellery making skills. Through our jewellery school we provide an exciting creative environment to learn how to make jewellery through a  range of daytime and evening classes.

These courses cater for all levels and allow students to develop their skills into the set projects. For more information on the course visit the new website https://fluxjewelleryschool.com/

Jewellery design and concept is central to our work. Flux membership gives opportunities to explore these ideas Join the Flux Studios membership scheme to take advantage of networking and community activities to promote and exhibit your jewellery collections
Apply for Flux membership to join our community of exceptional jewellers Jewellery design and concept is central to our work. Flux membership gives opportunities to explore these ideas

Flux Studios Contact info@fluxstudios.org